Fairfax Library Garden

Completed October 27, 2022

Project Updates

About the Project

The Fairfax Library sits on almost an acre, its scenic rise including meadow and massive heritage oaks. Inside our Library we have regularly hosted story and music programs for children, health and wellness programs for seniors, crafting programs for teens, as well as book clubs and gallery shows. For years, library staff and patrons have envisioned ways of expanding services beyond the library’s walls to create welcoming, accessible and sustainable areas for reading, working and programs outdoors. In partnership with the Fairfax community, we now have the outdoor community garden space that we have all desired.

Now that it has been completed, the Fairfax Library Garden Project more than doubles the library’s usable service area and enables us to expand our services beyond the library's walls. It increases the seating capacity for all visitors and provides spaces for programming, gathering, reading and appreciating the natural environment. WiFi extends into the garden area, allowing patrons to use their laptops, borrowed Chromebooks or other devices at the picnic tables near the building or at the tables and benches on the patio.

The garden renovation includes:

  • Additional trees providing shade
  • A new patio of stone pavers, with benches, tables and chairs providing expanded seating for reading and visiting
  • A stone story circle creating an outdoor programming area
  • An ADA accessible path highlighting a native plant garden
  • An arbor providing seating and shade as well as an entrance to the garden from our new ADA parking space.

Many thanks go to Friends of the Fairfax Library for their fundraising campaign: over 300 individuals, local businesses and agencies purchased engraved pavers, demonstrating a huge show of community support.

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Thank You to Our Contributors!

This project could not be completed without the generous contributions from:

Measure A Funds

Marin County Library Foundation

Marin County Friends of the Library

Lucille S. Buchanan Estate

Happ Family Trust

Friends of the Fairfax Library who raised funds through custom engraved pavers, and

Over 300 individuals who donated a paver to be placed in our new patio!

For any questions about the project, please contact:
Margaret Miles, Fairfax Branch Manager
mmiles@marincounty.org, opens a new window

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