Student MyCard

Novato Unified School District (NUSD) students can now use their student ID number as a Marin County Free Library account!

Just add NUSD in front of your student ID number, without any spaces, like this:


When will I get a Student MyCard?

  • Roll-out of NUSD Student MyCards began in Spring and continues this Fall 2023.
  • All NUSD students can now access online library resourcesPlease see How to Use Your Student MyCard below.
  • All NUSD TK/Kindergarten and new/transfer students for the 2023-2024 school year will receive physical cards starting in October 2023. MyCards are being distributed in batches and will be distributed to each school site by Novato and South Novato Library staff.
  • Middle School and High School students will not receive physical cards, but have been given a MyCard account with access to online library resources. If you would like a physical card, please visit your local library. Our staff will be happy to help you unlock access to our physical library materials.
  • Students with existing library cards can also still use those.

Learn more about the Student MyCard program below.

With a Marin County Free Library STUDENT MYCARD, NUSD students can ...

  • Access online homework resources on a range of subjects, from science and math to performing arts
  • Get FREE online tutoring on demand in English and Spanish
  • Borrow eBooks & audiobooks, digital magazines, movies, TV and music from our online library
  • Use public library computers at any of our branches
  • Borrow books and media from any Marin County Free Library

    … and it’s all FREE!

Get started using your Student MyCard below.

How to Use Your Student ID Number for Online Access

  • When prompted for your library card number, just add NUSD in front of your student ID number without any spaces, like this: NUSD1234567890.
  • If asked for a PIN/password, use the last four numbers of your phone number*.
  • Ask your teacher if you do not know your ID number.
  • Your Student MyCard library account is set up to use your school email address to receive information like hold pickup notices and reminders from the library. If you'd prefer to use another email, log into your Student MyCard account, select My Settings, and then click Change under Email Address to add your preferred email.

*If you already had a library card, please use the PIN/password you selected for the original card.  Both the original library card number and the new number with NUSD plus your student ID number will work.

Need help with your PIN/password?  Please contact your local library by phone, or contact us online.

Get Started using your Student MyCard

About the Student MyCard Program

What is the Student MyCard Program?

  • Marin County Free Library is working to provide barrier-free access to library resources to students in Marin County to increase literacy and educational success.
  • We have formed a partnership with Novato Unified School District to provide students access to library resources using their student ID number. We hope to expand this program to other school districts in the future.
  • NUSD students are automatically enrolled in the program unless a parent chooses to opt out of this service.
  • Marin County Free Library does not charge fines for items returned late. You still must return items to the Library to avoid replacement charges.  The Library will send you reminders. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for items checked out on the child's card and any related fines and fees.

What if I don't want my child to participate?

  • If you do not want your child to have access to library resources, you may opt out.
  • To opt out, print and sign this opt-out form (español) and return it to your school office.
  • Please be aware that students who opt out of the Student MyCard will not be able to participate in classroom use of library resources unless they have another Marin County Free Library card and know the full card number and PIN.

What if my child already has a Marin County Free Library card?

  • That's great! We encourage students to have a regular library card in addition to the Student MyCard account.  Both library card numbers will continue to work.
  • The purpose of the Student MyCard is to increase access to resources to help your child succeed in school and to make it easier to use the library!
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