Celebrate National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month! This annual commemoration aims to motivate readers and celebrate the joy of books. 

Why do we read? 

Stories are light in our world.”  Stories bring hope, laughter, and joy. They help you understand yourself and others. Reading has proven to develop empathy, a cornerstone of social-emotional learning. Books offer a chance to see yourself, to feel heard, and to suggest that you are not alone in your feelings.

Want to participate? All you have to do is read a book – by yourself, with your family, with a friend, to your pet!  Start a tradition and read aloud every day to your loved ones.  Need some suggestions to get you started? Check out the list below full of picture books that celebrate reading. Then visit your local branch and stock up on even more great stories. 

Want to learn more about Read Across America and National Reading Month? Head to https://www.nea.org/professional-excellence/student-engagement/read-across-america for all the information you need. 

Happy reading!   Enjoy these free animal-themed bookmarks - click to print!

How to Read A Book

A Land of Books

The Little Library

The Book Hog

Reading Beauty

Everything in Its Place

Once Upon A Book

How to Read A Story

Let Me Finish!

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Content contributors:  Judi Evans, Julie Magnus