25 Days of Vowels: the Gift of Words

Vowels give us the gift of words.  There are five major vowels.  They each make a short sound and a long sound. Learning all the short and long vowel sounds can be very helpful to young readers.  Or even old readers like me.   

As a librarian I am strong reader.  I am also a terrible speller.  So, I wasn’t too surprised to find out that I am a little foggy on short vowel sounds. This self-knowledge came from an intensive week-long training in Orton Gillingham, a systematic approach to reading.  San Francisco Public Library based their reading program FOG off this method.  They inspired me to take the training after talking to them about their amazing program.   

Since that training I have conquered my short vowel sounds and learned some tips and tricks.  Join the library on a vowel journey this December to learn what I have learned.  Each day starting Dec 1st is a different lesson.  Follow us on Instagram to see the daily lesson. The flashcard PDFs are below or can be picked up at some library locations 

May your month be full of joy and learning.  

  1. How to make the short vowel ă sound 
  2. Short vowel ă flashcards 
  3. How to make the short vowel ĕ sound 
  4. Short vowel ĕ flashcards  
  5. How to make the short vowel ĭ sound 
  6. Short vowel ĭ flashcards  
  7. How to make the short vowel ŏ sound 
  8. Short vowel ŏ flashcards   
  9. How to make the short vowel ū sound 
  10. Short vowel ū flashcards  
  11. How to make the long vowel ā sound
  12. Long vowel ā flashcards 
  13. How to make the long vowel ē sound    
  14. Long vowel ē flashcards  
  15. How to make the long vowel ī sound  
  16. Long vowel ī flashcards  
  17. How to make the long vowel ō sound  
  18. Long vowel ō flashcards  
  19. How to make the long vowel ū sound   
  20. Long vowel ū flashcards 
  21. Magic e 
  22. Magic e flashcards 
  23. Cat rule/vowels that go with c 
  24. Kite rule/vowels that go with k 
  25. Queen rule/q and u like to go together 

Content by Laura Kennett and Adrienne Graham, Children's Librarians at Novato Library